Davey Ingersoll was at a crossroads. The music veteran – a founder of the acclaimed rock band Loudermilk, later called Gosling – had some false starts putting together a new group. He wasn’t sure he wanted to keep playing music at all. So he went back to basics, back to the start. And The Echolarks were born. “I didn’t come from my situation with Loudermilk and find some people in L.A. to line up seasoned veterans for a new project. I went back to my hometown,” the Tri-Cities, Wash. native said. “We started this band like I started my first one” – for the joy of playing music together. The Echolarks make ethereal pop with edge. While they're influenced by everything from ‘50s and ‘60s rock to New Wave, Brit Pop and shoegaze, their sound is singular and uniquely their own-- not leaning too heavily on any genre that inspires them. The band's new four-track EP, called EP, is out now. On it, Davey – songwriter, guitarist and frontman – sings of guilt, dreams, power, love. “It was about not being afraid to write about joy and use light colors – and some pretty dark colors, too,” he said. “With our music, I want to share what I’ve been through and seen and experienced – and it’s through the lens of, ‘this is all a privilege,’” Davey said. “Even the heartbreak and setback is part of a beautiful thing you get to do.” Along with Davey, The Echolarks – now based in Seattle – include Grace Ingersoll on harmony vocals and keys, Tarik Merzouk on guitar, Juan Hernandez on bass and Aaron Cramer on drums. With EP , the band is reaching new heights – and enjoying the ride. “For us, it’s not about an end goal or arriving in some place. It’s about going on this thing together,” Davey said. “We’re all riding this wave together.”